Picture of  Libero : Blue Burgundy : 177C
Libero Blue Burgundy 177C
Picture of  Libero : Demi : 177A
Libero Demi 177A
Picture of  Libero : Black Blue : 181E
Libero Black Blue 181E
Picture of  Libero : Demi : 181D
Libero Demi 181D

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PD Measurement

Pupillary Distance or PD measurement video to help customers better understand how to measure the distance between their pupils. This measurement is used with buying prescription glasses at

What's your face shape?

In this video we lend a helping hand to identify some of the most common face types and the styles that enhance all of their wonderful features. For further information please visit our FAQ section at

The Sun Doesn’t Bother My Eyes. Do I Still Need to Wear Sunglasses?

Some people may not wear sunglasses because they don’t like them, and some people may not wear them because they don’t think they need them. If the sun doesn’t seem to bother your eyes, it is still imperative that you wear protective eyewear when out and about. The sun has damaging UV rays that can cause all sorts of issues such as photo keratitis, pingueculae, and permanent retinal damage. Stay on the safe side, and wear sunglasses… trust me.